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{ poster by superjuniorteentop }

dec 26th, 2003 - dec 26th, 2012.
nine years.
five members ↦ two members.
15 albums.
74 music videos.
two guinness world records.
eight tours. 118 concerts. currently preparing five dome tour in japan.
105 awards won.
800.000 fans in korea. over 200.000 fans in japan and counting.
also millions of international fans.

one family.

happy debut anniversary to the five guys who made their debut on december 26th, 2003.
christmas came late that year. but the present still exists until today.

and i'm grateful to meet 4/5 of you this year.

{ poster by xiatao }

guys, i'd like you to meet the five guys who have been my life savior since october 2009, the day i met them for the first time. the ones that made me a better girl, a much more girly girl (gotta admit that! i began to learn make up and dress girly-er because of them! lol), a hardworking girl, a family girl (they thought me to be closer to my family, my real home), more importantly, they're the one who told me to be myself, no matter what people said. to keep working hard instead of saying "i already worked hard". and most importantly, to be grateful and thankful for everyone in my life.

happy anniversary.
thank you for helping me to be a better person.
thank you for touching my life.
i'm not the one with good words, but i promised to love you, together or apart.
see me on your concert next year, waving red lightstick.

{ poster by ssiopeia }
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20121112 ; living like a dream

{ marc jacobs sweater. photos courtesy of congkr }

it's been a week. a week since i met you. your sexy tall lean glory in front of me. you couldn't speak. typing your answers through iPad. your temperature was 40 degrees celcius. yet you were there. standing and smiling. even requested the photo and hi-5 session yourself. professional. and i salute you for that.

the moment you approached my batch to take a seat in front of me was overwhelming. you were more muscled than i thought. broad shoulders and muscular chest. white milky skin. i could see the birthmark on your neck. you sat in front of me. your brunette hair glowing under the lighting. then you walked off to the table. i smiled. our eyes met. my palm meet yours. "o daiji ni," (get well soon) i said. you smiled.

my world narrowed down on you eversince. the best night of my life

{ h&m top }

oh my pictures in case anyone wanna see? click and try to spot me.
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20121008 ; jaejoong vs alicenine+mucc


by monday i came to fx to see press conference of kim jaejoong fanmeeting in indonesia. it was last minute decision so i was kinda in rush to get there. when i arrived, i met one of my friend, dyna, and we took some silly pics with the standee lol

sorry but i have to lol #troll

then a friend of mine, madha, called me, "NYAN, I MET HIROTO DOWN HERE OMG OMG I NEED MARKER AND PAPER FOR HIM TO AUTOGRAPH." and i was like WHAAATTT??? omg alicenine was one of my fave visual kei band back then when i was on high school. they're just all that glitter of amazingness and inspiring. gosh gosh. cannot calm. so i decided to meet madha downstairs and we headed up to look for hiroto.

only to find him casually sitting with his laptop on. such a cutie. small handsome guy with light blonde hair. damn.

so we chatted a bit, since i'm still waiting or the press conference to start. after a while i decided to go upstairs again for the press conference.

just the usual intro & Q&A roll. and there's vid of jaejoong greeting us. his "apa kabar?" is so cute omg i need to squish him asap sobs. and the press conference ended. i headed downstairs to meet madha again.

she pointed to one of the restaurant's cubicle. "that's saga sitting with black tee." i walked a bit and saw him sitting. omg so so handsome of him. really. i drooled at the sight. he's one of my fave bassist. madha showed me her notebook with few autographs of alicenine, mucc and unite members. omg so jealous of her. she said hiroto was trying to make convo with her but since she doesn't understand japanese so she was making dafuq face lmao

so basically we're just waiting and walking near the restaurant for the whole day lol and i saw some members of unite walking back and forth. i saw suitcases and madha said they're going back to japan today.

mentally cursing myself why i didn't watch their concert last sunday /headdesk

i saw tora walked out of the toilet. omg he's so tall and handsome and omg so white (lol okay you guys may laugh rn) he went into the cubicle. then tatsurou of mucc came out. pretending to bump over unite guys (omg so funny hahaha). then yukke came out with his suitcases. we nodded and he nodded back with a smile. omg so polite. then i saw shou walking with tora. SHOU ARE YOU EVEN REAL. YOU'RE TOO HANDSOME FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. AND YOUR BODY IS JUST RIGHT UNF. i'm a fan of skinny japanese guys (somehow japanese guys have nice body proportion, don't you think? skinny but not too lean. right muscles in all the right places. not too big but so so nice shoulders. unf) i fallen in love all over again. then tatsurou walked off to exit. he nodded and i nodded. then tora followed. i nodded again, he nodded back. and miya came out. YOU SEXY FATHER I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. but he's like in a hurry so he doesn't spare any glance to us huhu but i'm so happy to finally meet em in flesh and blood. longtime crushes have finally came true.

i'm going to be a sap and cry ahuhu

i forgot but somewhere along the way another friend of mine, ichi, came and joined the fun. she loves mucc and she was literally dying after tatsurou nodded at her lol

A4s4kB2CIAAn49E.jpg large

sorry but i can't help it hahah. see you!

P. S. if you wonder why no pics of me seeing em boys, i cannot take pics since it'd be uncomfortable for them. feeling like they're stalking why they should be relaxing and stuffs. i just try to respect their privacy.
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20120922 ; SMTOWN Live in Jakarta


smtown live in jakarta on september 22nd was such a blast. wow. cannot even describe how fun it was. i'm particularly a fan of most sm entertainment's artists' songs (songs. not the artist)and to see em lip-sync-live in front of my very own eyes was such a pleasant sight. SNSD was as thin as i predicted (sooyoung, seohyun and hyoyeon was so much better irl). kyuhyun and onew was as cute as i thought. kangta was so gorgeous and i was unexpectedly like krystal better afterwards.


TVXQ, though, was the highlight of the night.

do you ever have such feeling. feeling of seeing an artist live and you don't know what song they sing but your eyes glued on them until the end of their performance? i kind of feeling such from my surroundings. i was standing on moshpit B, where most of the audiences were elf (super junior's fans. and there's this one annoying girl behind me with siwon pic on his small paper. but she can go to hell now. my oppars beat hers). the moment MAXIMUM blasting off the speakers. my eyes are glued to the stage, watching such awesomeness. the tears that have ran dry after yunho's dance battle poured out again. i'm proud of you, guys. really really proud. they rocked the stage like a true performer they are. showing their class. of why they have been called one of the best in korean music industry. the real gods of the east (dong bang shin ki = rising gods of the east).

yunho was all i've imagined. tanned, muscled, nice smile, OH SO MANLY GLARE AND ALL THAT DIVA MOVEMENTS. he was sick, but none noticed. such a great performer. he pulled off his iconic moves throughout the performances and nailed em all. shit, man.

changmin. DUDE, ARE YOU EVEN REAL. this kid has such an amazing built body. all muscles in the right places (i'm whimpering at the reminiscence). fucking long legs. and such sexy smirk. i need more time to appreciate your godliness on stage, dude. see you on world tour.

changmin during just the way you are. duet with kyuhyun of super junior.

well i'm not being biased. almost all audiences said that they were really mindblown by TVXQ. even after their performance end, few elf next to me were showing their amazement. legit proof is legit.

i was kinda regret that they weren't singing live. but then, smtown, what's new lol but the effects used were awesome. and the way they pulled the audience to hysteria was great. it was an awesome sight. i went back to the hotel feeling all satisfied and sleep with the happiest smile that night.

me that day. lookin' all pervert lol wae

photos courtesy of me for DBSKCassIndo
excuse the bad pics. i set my cam wrong that day fml for more pics, please go to my facebook
here's my fanaccount in indonesian if you're interested

sorry for late update. if you saw exact same fanacc in tumblr well then yes it's mine
YooSu is ♥


me and my friend ichi who kindly helped me throughout the two hectic days. photo taken by nindy. ilu already! <3

totally the best two days of my entire life (before anything would replace em). from before the press conference, at press conference, before the concert, and during the concert, everything was absolutely amazing. junsu, i really gain a whole new love and perspective over you. how could someone be so amazing, talented, yet cute and approachable? only you. you, my cute dolphin.

i met him before the press co when him and his crews arrived with mercedes at the parking lot just outside the press con room. me and few press arrived early. at that moment i can only stared at him with amazement as he getting out of the car and walked like a boss. he’s so skinny and his hair color is blue ashes. so so so handsome with shades. afterwards i kept on holding my friend because i can sense myself falling to the floor lol


during the press con he was kinda shy but when someone shouted “FC Men!”, he immediately laugh abit and smiled. so so cute. i really wanna take him home. oh no i can’t.

and a reporter from a famous tv station behind me said that junsu has a different aura. aura of a superstar.

no, my oppas are gods and we are all mere mortals /sobs

at the concert, omg it was heavenly. i can’t believe he was actually sing live because it sounds sooo flawlessly amazing! it was as perfect as i’ve heard in the cd! i’m friggin’ amazed by his voice and his stamina and his dances omg omg omg i want moaaarrr ;; especially lullaby and you are so beautiful! right before you are so beautiful started, a crew pulled me out since he saw me taking pics with slr. later he told me to put my camera somewhere psh -_- okay i went down to the parking lot and it made me missed you are so beautiful, almyeonsodo, junsu taking three requests (OMG HE DID BAMBAYA SHOUT AND ANGELXIAH POSE. DAFUQ MAN I NEED TO GO BACK SHIT SHIT SHIT) but overall it was an amajjing concert sobs sobs you are perfect my duckbutt sobs sobs come back k? you’ve promised.

i met few friends and made new friends during those two days. and i’m glad i can made every promise on every tickets i kept for my friends and winners on my fanbase’s twitter. everybody had fun, so do i. and i’m so glad everything went smooth from start to the end. also huge thanks to om ronnie sianturi which is very patient and cooperative during the whole process. kudos. thank you so much for the whole staffs of jsk enterprise too!

and that’s pretty much wrapped the whole hecticness of june 15th and 16th lol i’m still feeling like pass out everytime i remember the whole ride. this is much more wrecking than #larukuJKT i’m telling you lol let's see pics under the cut

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20120519 ; I AM at Blitz Megaplex

Watched I AM with friends and yes it's very nice. I'm quite entertained although it was very lack of TVXQ. Too many SJ and SHINee to my dismay. But every moments of TVXQ popping on the screen were priceless. And that Voldemin laugh is awesome hahahah

I was surprised seeing Sungmin speaking so casually about him almost debuting with Junsu and Eunhyuk. He even said "Xiah Junsu" several times (and kiddos behind me talking "who is Xiah Junsu?" Wikipedia exists, betches) wow MNet you bravo.

Yunho. Oh well I was expecting you to talk more. But it pained me to see him repeating his fear during their comeback in 2010. "It was like the day of our first debut. I have so many fear of people won't accept us." Leadah ;___; I feel like crying when he said that. And the vid of him dancing to his younger self is so cute ♥ when being asked of what his fave color is, he answered with red ;D I was wearing red tee fufufu and he looked handsome with all of his outfit picks. But that orange jacket. Are you a fucking SAR team member? Dafuq.

Changmin. Wow he was absolutely stunning. So gorgeous. He wore some of the best jackets and coats that accentuated his amazing upper body and chest. Still with curly hair. And ofc skinny jeans. Oh god. Those miles long legs. I'm falling in love all over again.

If what Yunho said pained me earlier, Changmin made me felt like there were million knives stabbing my chest. "During SMTown 2010, that was our first concert after the separation. Lee Soo Man agreed to continue TVXQ as two members unit." His expression was just so painful :( *hugs miminah*

The slow motion part during KYHD is glorious /sobs and Jung Diva appeared few times. I squealed hahaha especially during The Way U Are and Mirotic. Oh those diva moves. Dayummm.

Rest of my bias? Kyu is so adorable. Wook too. Wook was crying during last mins of the interview and Sungmin came to wiped his tears. Aww. Hyoyeon's audition vid is hilarious xD and she's so prettyyy. Sunny too. She's very curvy and I swore that moment I went so gay for her hahaha Sulli is very very cute AND KANGTA YOU HANDSOME BEAST. Not to mention Onew! He was so cute during trainee days with long black hair hihi ♥ AND THERE'RE KIBUM, HANGENG AND KANGIN. OH GOD. KIBUM. Kibum has the longest appearance from them three. It was debut vid of SJ. They're at the backstage and Kibum is constantly in front of the camera with his shy smile. The room squealed. It was sooo nostalgic. And oh god I miss him ;____; no Heechul fgs!

It was a nice movie afterall. Telling us how hard it is to reach the point of where they are now. Yet showing us that they're pretty much normal and down to earth. Really ordinary people with passion, fear, anxiety, and love. The backstage footages are mostly hilarious xD

There was this fanboy of f(x). Black guy. He was speaking in Korean with Luna and he was so happy he went "WHOO!" as he walked away after taking pic with Luna hahaha best moment evar ♥

If you haven't watch it and it's showing in your country, go ahead and watch. Really worth the money ;)

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L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 Live in Jakarta

May 2nd. L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour in Jakarta. Damn. Where should I start? Even after days I'm still pretty much mindblown ;;

I arrived on the venue by 11 am sharp because I have to redeem my voucher with concert ticket. After that me and my friend were off to have lunch at Senayan City with her friend. We're there up to 3 pm and get back to the venue with taxi.

The queue to get in was super longgg. Dayum. After two separate queues, we along with other premium tix holders were able to get in. I was on the far left, in front of Tetsu but at the back of the premium section. I can see the boys quite clearly on the stage and the giant screen was awesomely huge standing.

At 7.45 there's an announcement that if it's raining, the concert will be postponed until it stopped. It was drizzling already. But it immediately stopped nearby 8 pm and the show begun!

The animation was awesome and the three screens were in their absolute clear quality. They started off with Ibara no Namida and I was literally burst into tears. I SAW MY CHILDHOOD HEROES. FINALLY. FINALLY. They looked so amazing in real life. Hyde has pretty much milky white skin peeking from his long white tank top (occasional nipple peeking, if I can add lol) covered with long cardigan (?) with long braided hair. So pretty. Tetsu is adorable with skinhead spiky hair and long suit. Ken looks cool with brown shirt and silver suit while Yukihiro drumming with maroon and blue stripes tank top. They carried on with Chase and Revelation.

They rocked the show for 2.5 hours nicely. Hyde's voice is super stable and others carry on their instruments nicely. And guess what, THEY KEPT SPEAKING INDONESIAN THROUGHOUT THE SHOW. Countless times Hyde were throwing kisses to us and his chu voice was so audible through the mic. I can't stop kyaa kyaa-ing xD

"Halo, Jakarta. Kami L'Arc~en~Ciel. Kalian senang bertemu aku? Aku juga. Selamat meniku-mati." - Hyde
((Hello, Jakarta. We're L'Arc~en~Ciel. Are you happy to see me? Me too. Hope you'll enjoy this show.))
"Mantap! Gue kemaren lusa pergi foto-foto di Kota Tua. Foto-fotonya keren banget deh.
Jakarta tuh panas gila yah? Makanya kemaren gue berenang. Pengennya sih sama cewe-cewe pake bikini. Cuma nasib, adanya cuma gue sama temen-temen gue. Hari ini ada yang pakai bikin nggak?
Semalem gue makan mie goreng, nasi goreng sama sate. Mantap! Kemaren gue beli oleh-oleh buat Hyde di Pasaraya. Wayang, gamelan, ganjelan pintu, sama bolpen wayang. By the way busway, pasti sekarang Hyde ga ngerti gue ngomong apaan."
- Ken « this part was super hilarious and I'm suffering stomach cramp lol
((Awesome! A day before yesterday, I went to have photoshoot at Kota Tua. The pics were so cool.
Jakarta is so hot, eh? So yesterday I went swimming. I wanna go swim with girls in bikini but damn there's only me and my two friends. Is there anyone wearing bikini now?
Last night, I ate fried noodle, fried rice and satay. Awesome! Yesterday I bought stuffs for Hyde in Pasaraya. Wayang, gamelan, door stopper and wayang ballpoint. By the way busway, Hyde must be don't understand what I'm saying right now.))
"Gue SuJu dari Korea! Kalian mau pisang.....gue? Atau kalian mau jilat lollipop gue?" - Tetsu
((I'm SuJu from Korea! Do you guys want my.....bananas? Or you guys wanna lick my lollipop?))

Poor Tetchan got boo-ed when he said SuJu xD Yuki didn't say anything.

Hyde cried during Forbidden Lover ;___; later he said in an interview it was because we're one of the best audiences he ever played too. And said thank you so many times. No, Daddy. Thank YOU :D

Anata was glorious omg it was drizzling so me and my bestie pull over an umbrella and we're waving lightstick underneath it. Just the two of us hahahah super romanticcc.

Too bad they didn't play Winterfall or Blurry Eyes :'( I already wait for those songs /sobs but the sing along during My Heart Draws A Dream was amazing ;____; 10k+ ppl singing. There goes me crying again.

By the last song Niji, Hyde said that he'll come back again. And he looked so happy as he went off the stage. I found myself crying while Tetsu throwing bananas and lollipops to the audiences. I love you so much, Guys. See you in your second time here. I promise I'll be in the very front so you can see me. The one who have been touched by your music for my whole life :)

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